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Special Education Story by Mrs. Poonam Chaubey

Special Education Story by Mrs. Poonam Chaubey

Any special education program is a cluster of resources that is dedicated to supporting the educational needs of students with one or more disability areas. The purpose of an Early Intervention Program is to contribute towards the improvement of cognitive, linguistic, social, and emotional outcomes of young children and lead to integration with the focus on successful inclusion into society.

The special education department at various educational institutes is generally conceptualized with a very small number of students. It is initially observed that a few students exhibit some peculiar behavior in classroom situations; these are mostly noticed to be outside the usual childhood behavioral patterns seen in other children of the same age group.

Principal Mrs. Poonam Chaubey interacts with students.

For example, Akash* was a child in Kindergarten who refused to sit on his chair, he walked on his toes and insisted on only doing coloring activities. He also made it a point to run out of the classroom when any group activities like rhymes and dances took place. Meanwhile, Sana* a slightly older Grade 2 student looked completely blank when she was asked questions related to any subject besides Mathematics.

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