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Education Going Digital by Pratibha Chhajer

Education Going Digital by Pratibha Chhajer

“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.” -  Anthony J. D'Angelo

There is an evolution happening in the education industry, it’s going from traditional to digital, the pattern is changing, in this digital era there are so many new things happening around the globe that we have to keep up with these changes happening. One such change that is happening slowly is that the education is going digital.

The traditional way of education that we have been seeing is that a teaching happens in a classroom is with students and with a teacher having a blackboard, chalk, duster and certain handwritten notes gone are these days. But in today’s era education going digital the education pattern is teaching virtually, learning through the web by watching videos, reading presentations, books being converted to pdfs or e-books.

In our traditional way of teaching, students had textbooks for different subjects, and each subject had a different notebook to write notes in. The textbooks and notebooks has been like a burden to the students, carrying that weight everyday … Uff! I remember the weight we had to carry everyday to school. But when education is going digital the students will have e-books, they will not have to carry the weight everyday all they need is an electronic device like a laptop or a tablet with sufficient storage memory to store their e-books and projects.

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