e-Learning and Employee Engagement: How to Get the Most from Your Employee Training Software – by SkyPrep

e-Learning and Employee Engagement: How to Get the Most from Your Employee Training Software – by SkyPrep

e-Learning and Employee Engagement: How to Get the Most from Your Employee Training Software – by SkyPrep

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e Learning and Employee Engagement: How to Get the Most from Your Employee Training Software

Employee engagement is a cornerstone of any successful business. Unfortunately, like trying to get a classroom of high-schoolers to pay attention to a geometry lesson, getting everyday employees engaged in e learning can be a bit of a task. But there are solutions to this problem – tried and true methods that apply to learning engagement across a range of disciplines.

How to Engage Employees in e Learning

You need your employees to pay attention, and to try their best to learn or adopt the skills necessary to drive company growth. But to accomplish this, you are going to need to do a little prep work. Sending out a mass email with a link to a web-based training module won't cut it. You need to lay the groundwork – why you are using e learning software and how it will improve overall employee training – before you get to the actual learning. This can be accomplished in several ways:

Build your internal marketing message

You may spend a lot of time on your external marketing message, but it is equally important to be clear on your internal message. This is one of the most important aspects of a business, especially when it comes to keeping up employee motivation and engagement.

Internal message? Yes, your business should have an overarching identity, a driving mantra that gives everyone an ultimate goal to strive for. For instance: If your main business involves producing a product that solves problem X, your internal message will probably be centered on that. “We are here to provide solutions for problem X. Using innovation and efficiency, we continue to be the premiere problem X solver in our industry.”

This gives purpose. It feels good to have purpose, and your internal message defines that purpose. The internal marketing message gives you something to build on, a reason to strive harder. Knowing how to engage employees is not rocket science, but you have to give them a reason to engage, something a strong internal marketing message can help with.

Explain how eLearning helps them embody the internal marketing message

Technology continues to develop rapidly, giving your company new ways to perform better. But you can only put technology to use effectively if your employees know to use it. Online employee training software like a Learning Management System (LMS) gives you an out-of-the-box solution for educating your workforce. As amazing a solution as e learning is, it is still learning and many don’t find that fun. It often takes a bit of motivating to get employees or students to become active in their own skill development.

You have to give your employees a reason to try. Building off of your internal marketing message is one way to do this. If your employees are dedicated to the idea of what the company is, and where the company is going, then you can incorporate eLearning into this narrative. If you don't want to sink, you have to swim. This is an absolute reality in business. Make employees understand that if your company is going to be what it is supposed to be, then ongoing education is a necessity. It is the only way you can remain competitive.

Make sure it is applicable

If you want employees to find value in their training, they have to have an opportunity to use what they learn. This is how you as a business owner or manager will get the most out of your employee training software. Few things will cause employees to disengage more quickly than learning a bunch of seemingly useless information. If you are going to train them, make sure they can use that training within a reasonable time frame. Otherwise you will have difficulty bringing them back to learn new information when it is necessary to do so. And there will always be a need for further skills training.   

About the author:
This guest post is courtesy of SkyPrep, a provider in e-learning software solutions that help businesses and educators alike to train or teach their employees and students.


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