Collaborative Classroom Technology : Get Flipped - The New Way of Teaching and Learning

Collaborative Classroom Technology : Get Flipped - The New Way of Teaching and Learning

Collaborative Classroom Technology : Get Flipped – The New Way of Teaching and Learning

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Over the last few years the classrooms and the technology landscape has been shifting faster than ever. The availability and use of technology is driving educators and administrators to move away from traditional learning and pursue the concept of “flipped learning.” Many educators are experimenting with the idea of a flipped classroom model. So what is it and why is everyone talking about it?

Flipped learning is the concept of turning traditional education on its head, lectures are pre-recorded and viewed remotely outside of the classroom. Students can do their work collaboratively in the classroom rather than independently at home. The gaining of interaction and hands-on experience between students and teachers allows for students to grasp knowledge and build skills in ways that work for them.

Helping to drive flipped learning into educational institutions is the fact that more often than not students are leaving the pen and paper at home and bringing their personal device such as laptops, tablets, and mobiles devices to the classroom. Adopting BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) in education environment is not sort of “empty talk”!

This is from a study done at Clintondale High School, Outside Detroit.

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Moreover, what does flipped learning mean for the AV industry?

Flipped learning thrives in a learning space that is interactive and dynamic, encouraging creativity and interaction while developing the skills of understanding, thinking, and problem solving. Therefore, the classroom’s technology and its capabilities must be moved to the forefront of the classroom. This now creates unique opportunities for new classroom environment designs - the need for a collaborative classroom. And this is where Crestron can help!

Crestron has been working in designing collaboration type rooms for years. Our DigitalMedia ™ product is particularly well suited for the BYOD environment - the future of classroom, as it designed to take any signal, analog, digital, streaming, whatever and combine and distribute it on one platform and one cable. With its extensive scalability, our solutions cover different size of applications, such as in classroom, lecture room, theatre hall, sport centre/stadium and public area – a network that can control across the campus.

“Crestron Connected Campus” provides:

+         Simple Configuration

+         Flexible to Expand

  • upgrade easily for advanced control
  • stack up the system for more sources

+         Manage all aspects inside the campus

  • total control for all building services, e.g. Lighting, HVAC, security

+         Single platform for whole campus

  • manage and monitor down to every classroom
  • better resources management through Crestron Fusion

Even better, we offer clear recording device with capturing hardware, wireless presentation gateway, scheduling touch panels, asset and energy management platform that help enhance teaching and learning experience.

Crestron Asia is exhibiting at Worlddidac India 2015, Bengaluru. Visit us to find out more.

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A graduate in Mechanical Engineering, Nataraju possess strong skill sets inclined towards leadership, organizational and time management.

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