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Collaborative Classroom Technology : Get Flipped - The New Way of Teaching and Learning

Collaborative Classroom Technology : Get Flipped - ...

Over the last few years the classrooms and the technology landscape has been shifting faster than ever. The availability and use of technology is driving educators and administrators to move away from traditional learning and pursue the concept of “flipped learning.” Many educators are experimenting with the idea of a flipped classroom model. So what is it and why is everyone talking about it?

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Education Going Digital by Pratibha Chhajer

Education Going Digital by Pratibha Chhajer

“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.” -  Anthony J. D'Angelo

There is an evolution happening in the education industry, it’s going from traditional to digital, the pattern is changing, in this digital era there are so many new things happening around the globe that we have to keep up with these changes happening. Read More

Special Education Story by Mrs. Poonam Chaubey

Special Education Story by Mrs. Poonam Chaubey

Any special education program is a cluster of resources that is dedicated to supporting the educational needs of students with one or more disability areas. The purpose of an Early Intervention Program is to contribute towards the improvement of cognitive, linguistic, social, and emotional outcomes of young children and lead to integration with the focus on successful inclusion into society.

The special education department at various educational institutes is generally conceptualized with a very small number of students. It is initially observed that a few students exhibit some peculiar behavior in classroom situations; these are mostly noticed to be outside the usual childhood behavioral patterns seen in other children of the same age group.

Principal Mrs. Poonam Chaubey interacts with students.

For example, Akash* was a child in Kindergarten who refused to sit on his chair, he walked on his toes and insisted on only doing coloring activities. He also made it a point to run out of the classroom when any group activities like rhymes and dances took place. Meanwhile, Sana* a slightly older Grade 2 student looked completely blank when she was asked questions related to any subject besides Mathematics.

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Overcoming the Skills Gap with Digital Training by Jeff Fernandez

Overcoming the Skills Gap with Digital Training by ...

There is a significant gap across businesses that many folks are feeling the ramifications of. It’s the digital skills gap — the gap between the digital technology skills that today’s employees possess and those they should posses in order to work in today’s digital economy.

A study from tech research company IDC suggests that inadequate digital skills rob our economy of 21% of employee productivity. That equates to an overall $1.3 trillion loss in the US economy each year due to decreased productivity. For firms with 1,000 employees, that productivity hit can translate to an annual loss of about $10 million. But even smaller companies can be experiencing pain at their bottom lines due to the digital skills gap.

What digital skills are the most essential for 21st century workers to possess? While the need for specific skills can vary from industry to industry and company to company, below are the eight recommended digital skills to help your company close its digital skills gap from the ground up:

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"Why Develop Skills that are Required in Industry" by Paulami Sen

"Why Develop Skills that are Required in Industry" ...

In the last post, the focus was on improvement of foreign communication skills. The focus of this post will be on enhancing employability by the means of skills gained in studying industry relevant courses. These courses will help in professional development of the students. Such courses can help in achieving advancement in credentials. There is also an improvement in the attitude and skills of the trainee. Such courses help in being prepared for the advanced technological roles or management roles that might be assigned in future.

Such courses are mock experience of the field. There is a chance to know the working environment of a particular field. Such a trainee brings along with him a value addition to the company that he is absorbed into. Hence the chances of being offered a job during the duration of such courses are always bright.

A certain level of expertise can be achieved by the means of such courses. The trainee becomes more productive as a result of industry oriented. The skills gained during the course of industry oriented training are needed and much more valued by the employer. The foundation knowledge gained thus comes in handy to excel in industry. The approach that is adopted is a practical one.

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