The Exclusive Trade Association for Indian Education and Skills Industry!

India Didactics Association is an exclusive membership association in the country for the entire education and skills fraternity that constantly endeavours to improve pedagogy, learning and teaching methodologies. IDA acts as a comprehensive and unified platform for all the stakeholders of education such as government (both center and state); organisations providing education imparting resources, learning solutions and services related to training; administrators and prolific educators. 

Our mission is to work collaboratively with a network of 88,000+ educators, trainers, associations and corporate entities to streamline the presently fragmented Indian Education system and to improve the standard of learning and teaching in our country. 

Our Journey 

The word 'Didactic'  has now become synonymous globally to all education and training needs such as resources, solutions, services and technology that improve the quality of education. With the growing importance of this industry all across the globe, most of the countries have a formalized didactic associations.

India Didactics Association (IDA) was formally announced at the first DIDAC INDIA event in September 2009  in the presence of the erstwhile Minister of Education; heads from Ministry of Human Resource & Development; heads from International Association Partners; and various eminent dignitaries from the Industry.