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About India Didactics Association (IDA)

IDA is the only membership association in the country dedicated to the education & training fraternity engaged in improving learning and teaching. It is a representation and a quality assured source of Indian stakeholders of Education, Vocational Education, Training & Skills sector.

IDA invites membership from individuals and organisations providing products, solutions and services related to education and training. Together, we can initiate a movement and make a difference. It's time to take the lead.

Kindly use the offline form(s) to apply for IDA membership. Please contact the secretariat for further details.

IDA online membership registrations will be available soon. Kindly use the offline form(s) to apply for IDA membership.

Download Application Form for Corporates Download Applicaton Form for Institutions Download Applicaton Form for Educators
Kindly find below the step-wise process for membership:
  • Fulfill Membership Criteria.
  • Agree to adhere to the rules of IDA Business Conduct.
  • Submit IDA Membership Form along with relevant documents.
  • For Companies:
    • Since the membership rates are as per turnover, kindly furnish the necessary supporting documents or give a declaration for the same, signed by the authorized signatory in the Company.
    • After receipt of the same an invoice shall be raised.
    • Submit the necessary payments on receipt of the invoice.
    • Membership shall be confirmed within 15 working days of the receipt of the complete payments.

Trade Shows & Conferences

IDA organizes various exhibitions, trade shows, conferences, round tables & workshops on the Didactic industry to network all stake holders, facilitate discussions & create action plans for the entire Education & Training industry.

  • Didac India - IDA is the promoter of the Exhibition and Conference ‘Didac India’ which is the only event in the region for Educational & Training resources. Held annually, the International Exhibition addresses the growing demand for these products & solutions in the Asian region. The exhibition attracts participants from all over the world and is looked forward by the entire education and training fraternity from India and all other Asian countries.
  • The International Education & Skill Summit - The conference brings together the policy & decision makers, educationists and the corporate leading to a valuable exchange of ideas and best practices aimed at taking the Indian Education & Training industry to the next level. The conference shares the Governments' vision for growth of this high priority sector and addresses the way forward for revolutionizing the education and training sector in India. Distinguished speakers from India and overseas contribute with their visionary inputs at the event.

The IDA Seal

The IDA seal adds to the credential of a company on a global platform. Due to the detailed registration process, companies get membership only after qualification of the registration criteria. Being a member, gets the company extra credential on this competitive platform.


  • We facilitate interaction and communication amongst our member organizations to develop greater exchange of views, knowledge and experience. This is achieved through our events and various committees, in which representatives from member companies participate. Our members shape the content and output of our activities, gaining maximum benefit from their membership.
  • Another key objective is to build partnerships and alliances with other stakeholders in the education & training sector in India as well as abroad.
  • We maintain dialogue and create networking opportunities between our members and other trade bodies, education and training institutes, research and developmental organizations etc.

Government Initiative

The Association works closely with the Government (Central & State level) and its various Departments & Ministries in order to promote IDA, its members and thus facilitate in the progresss of the industry in General.


IDA conducts various researches and studies on various relevant topics from the education and training sectors. The reports of these studies provide valuable insights to its members thereby assisting them in formulating policies and business guidelines.

Certification & Accreditation

Formation of Industry standards, operation and maintenance guidelines to serve specific needs of the members and the user industries.

Training Programmes

Organization of training programmes on topics related to education & training.

International Cooperation

  • Development of bilateral contacts with overseas counterpart associations like Worlddidac Association. British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA), Didacta Verbande.V, China Educational Instrument Equipment Corp. (CEIEC) etc.
  • IDA organizes an Indian Pavilion in various international didac shows and conferences thus giving access and information about the same to its members and assist in getting the required mileage to the participants.
  • IDA is your Connection to the Worldwide Network. We facilitate access to new markets and business opportunities worldwide by creating direct contacts with key players in the business. We promote and facilitate exchange of ideas, best practices, etc. and sharing of industry experiences.
  • IDA provides a Global Update to its members on various developments in the education & training sector.

Educational Newsletter

We provide the opportunity to our members to feature in the regular newsletters going to various educational instructions & training centers and thus highlight their new technologies, latest developments, company announcements etc.

Directory Listing

The members feature on the online line directory that is accessed by thousand of institutes.

IDA Website

Operation of IDA Website containing updated information about the Association, its members, the industry and various services offered by IDA.

The purpose of the Association is the protection, representation and promotion of its members’ interests at the national & international level, especially by improving worldwide access to high quality educational materials.

IDA Missions & Projects

IDA initiates various projects and missions with its members to fulfill varied sets of objectives from time to time in order to promote the growth of the industry.


The India Didactics Association provides you with a range of possibilities to promote your services, programmes and products to the IDA members, IDA Conference & Trade Show participants and other contacts.

Heighten the profile of your own organization through your involvement in IDA activities. Help implement new policies and recommended best practices for the Association. Become involved in the associations councils & committees and work with fellow members to help shape the future of this industry. These are just some of the benefits that IDA members enjoy.

We hope to welcome you into our membership soon!

Membership is open to national & international organizations, public institutions, trade & related associations & bodies, legal entities, private persons involved with Didactics Industry. The scope & span of the industry include products, services and solutions from pre-school to lifelong learning to create an educated, technologically enabled & employable workforce. In order to maintain the credibility of the Association, IDA has strict eligibility criteria against which each application is considered. Only those companies that meet all the criteria in full shall be approved as members of the Association. IDA publicizes the strict membership criteria to the buyers of these products & solutions to heighten awareness of IDA and our members’ commitment to the education & training sector. Organizations wishing to join IDA must:
    • Be companies or corporations registered in India or having an India operation as an Individual entity apart from the International parent organization.
    • Have been in the business of providing goods and services to the education & training sector for a minimum of 2 years.
    • Have been conducting business in a fair & ethical manner.
    • Have be financially stable & sound.
    • Have a track record of satisfied customers and should be able to provide credentials.
    • Never been blacklisted by the Government, public or private bodies or any relevant trade associations.
The IDA has the right to seek clarifications regarding the Company and may refuse admission without stating any reason.
The IDA Rules of Business Conduct are created to ensure that buyers or users of educational & training resources can have confidence in the goods and services they purchase from our members. It allows IDA to promote its members as companies that give the customer an established level of quality and service, have a commitment to the education market, and deliver good value resources. It is important that you ensure your company complies with the IDA Rules of Business Conduct before making an application to join the Association.
  • The products and services are of good quality and suitable of education and training use.
  • The products and services comply with the current Indian Safety regulations. All products are labeled as per safety standards.
  • All customers are of utmost importance and customer service of high standard shall be provided.
  • All Products, Services and Consultancy shall be provided with utmost care.
  • All communication material gives the complete description of the product, its usage, maintenance, warranty (if required) etc.