About Us

“At India Didactics Association, we are a highly motivated network of changemakers with a head and heart to work towards the overall betterment of the education and skill sector.”

Our Vision

To Unify and Empower the torchbearers and changemakers of the education and skills sector and Transform educational and skill development institutions to create opportunities for sustainable development and global growth for a better brighter future of the learners

Our Mission

To connect all educational institutions globally and facilitate them with a culture of enhancing pedagogical methodologies comprising of the best of teacher training, the most advanced teaching-learning resources and solutions, fabricate a global knowledge hub, empower the educators to become an integral part of policy advocacy and drive forward a mindset of growth, sustainability and expansion.

Who we are

With a decade of fostering development in the education sector, India Didactics Association has grown to be the largest national association of education stakeholders that primarily aims to unite and inspire the entire education fraternity towards uplifting the education and skills sector of India.

The efforts of the association are driven towards creating opportunities for improving the quality and reach of education across the country, bring in new technologies, create avenues for skills development, and to bring the Indian education structure at par with the global standards of pedagogy.

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The Association directly and through its partners have impacted over a million institutions worldwide. IDA’s initiatives of Exhibitions for educational resources and solutions, Teacher training, Policy driven conferences, ministerial engagements, international webinars, social networking, channel marketing and most significantly community building has successfully created a platform for the growth of educational institutions.

The policy advocacy driven through IDA networks has successfully created a channel of information and policy exchange between countries to improve, enhance and modernize the structure of education. The association is constantly driven towards building sustainable learning opportunities for Gen-X, to ensure the pedagogy is practical enough to prepare the children for future careers.

Exclusive Membership

Unifying Entire
Education Community

Non-Profit Association for Development of Education

Key areas of work

  • Policy Advocacy
  • Supporting Education Institutions in their Transformation
  • Facilitating Market Entry for International Companies
  • Taking Indian Companies to Overseas Market
  • White Papers, Round Table Meets
  • Teacher Training & Capacity Building
  • Survey, Reports, Market Due Diligence & Research Services
  • Exhibitions, Conferences, missions & Workshops

Memberships & Partnerships

Join the biggest community of education & skills stakeholders for global information dissemination, peer to peer interaction and exchange of innovative ideas.

To become IDA Member, write to us at: [email protected]

Governments & Government Stakeholders

Supported by Ministries & Association from India & 19 countries

Educators & Educational Institutes

88,000+ Educators & Education Institutes from India

Industry Partners

800+ Solution Providers​


IDA represents India in the international education communities and is partnered by national associations and ministries from 19+ countries. In 12 years of its existence and the spellbound work in this sector, IDA has achieved recognition in the entire education & skills fraternity globally.

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