Possibilities of Revamping Indian Education System


By Sandeep Sharma
Joint CEO, SCOPE (Society for Creation of Opportunity through Proficiency in English) and OSD (Commissionerate of Higher Education), Education Department, Govt. of Gujarat.

The Indian Education System needs a complete overhaul. It has to be changed from rote-learning to concept based learning; from mugging up activity to project-based activities; from brick and mortar system to open learning environment.

There are many pillars to be erected now to give a sound base to the primary, secondary, higher secondary and tertiary education. Why can’t we introduce Internships at school level? Why can’t we consider skill-based education in schools and off-schools?

Can’t we introduce industry leaders to design and teach a course in the classroom on regular basis? Can’t we involve them in curriculum designing?

Can’t we invite parents of students to deliver at least one lecture a month in their ward’s classroom? It can be on any topic, any domain. Learning is not restricted to bookish knowledge. Once there is someone who can explain it in layman terms, I believe a school student can learn a college standard theory. It depends on the trainer/teacher.

We need to strengthen the following domains as far as education is concerned:

  1. Curriculum revamp with clearly defined Learning Outcomes
  2. Pedagogy
  3. Trainer/Teacher training
  4. Logical, standardized and credible assessment systems
  5. Online and offline learning
  6. Use of Technology in Education
  7. Use of extra-curricular and co-curricular activities for students
  8. Focus on skill-based education – primarily Communication skills, IT skills, Analytical skills, Life skills
  9. Inculcating a habit of research at school/college/university level
  10. Recognition of innovation (easy solutions to common societal problems) locally, scaling it up and rewarding the innovator

Based on the above, I suggest the following:

Primary, Secondary & Advanced Secondary Education

4+4+4 system:

Primary Education – First four years (1 to 4)

Secondary Education – Next four years (5 to 8)

Advanced Secondary Education – Next four years (9 to 12)

Higher Education

Higher Education or Tertiary level of education must encompass holistic learning for the students. Efforts must be put on the following:

  1. CBCS (Choice Based Credit System)
  2. Curriculum and Content Development on regular basis
  3. ICT in learning and strengthening infrastructure in institutes
  4. e-Library with access to each learner
  5. Teacher Training and Capacity Building on regular basis
  6. On Demand Examination and credible assessment systems
  7. Focus on Research and Innovation in each and every semester
  8. Industry interaction from 1st semester itself
  9. Placement tie-ups
  10. Promoting student start-ups



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