Trainer Kits – Need of the Hour


By Frontline Technologies

Industries are now forced to transform to the latest technology at a rapid pace in a short time than ever before. This calls for Industry ready engineers from the Institution so that they can be deployed on assignments with short training. Training Equipment also referred as Training kits play a major role in preparing Industry Ready Engineers. It is bridging Industry to Institution gap by bringing the original industry structure in miniature on the table. There are various kits now available to make the learning more practical like PLC Trainer kits, Servo/VFD/Sensor Trainer kits, Solar Trainer, Mechatronics Trainer, Pneumatic/Hydraulic Trainer kits, Robot Arm Trainer.

Simulation software were popular till few years back, but now the current healthy trend is students want to touch and feel the real equipment on table. The Trainer kits facilitate the students to study the functioning, to perform various experiments and record the results. It inspires them to innovate the new ideas and experiment there itself.

Custom-made Training equipment with latest technology yet within budget is one of the key areas where Institutes share their expectations and co-design the Trainer kits for their specific needs. It is writing on the wall – only those Institutes who strategically update the labs with latest Training Equipment will only sustain in competition. It is good to see the growing interest among Institutes in updating Labs in recent times.


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