Ms. Richa Barhat
Aristo Educare, Vadodara

It is important for children to develop skills for life rather than just copy-pasting or rote learning.

An integrated approach towards learning ensures that each child gets an opportunity to develop and grow at his/her own pace. We focus on providing more hands-on experiences to the children, make them take their decisions and learn to be independent.

In most schools in our city, there is still a lot of impetus given to the traditional method of teaching and learning. Our preschool differs from those because we believe that children need to develop a love for learning and children are co-creators of knowledge. Over the past five years, our efforts have been appreciated by the parents and our greatest feedback is the positive smiles of children who are with us.

In the upcoming years, we wish to provide maximum opportunities for more children and break the traditional method of education across our country.


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