Tips and Tricks of Instilling Positivity in a Classroom – #IDAEducatorsWeek


As it is rightly said – “Student success comes from a Positive Learning Environment,” so #IDAEducatorsWeek (a week dedicated to Educators for their contribution in shaping the future of tomorrow) was the right platform to hear from Educators how they engage kids in ‘Happy Classroom.’

Here are the top tips and tricks on instilling positivity in a classroom coming to you right from the eminent educators:

  • Provision of a safe and secure environment for students where they don’t experience any kind of prejudice and have the liberty to share their thoughts. An environment of compassion and empathy should be developed around them in order to enhance their emotional intelligence.
  • Teach them the significance and utility of education in the life after finishing their degrees. Talking to students about how qualities such as discipline, compassion and empathy will not only help them to overcome hurdles in their life but will also help them in becoming better human beings.
  • Treating every student as unique helps a teacher to impart education to each one of them in a different way and according to their mental caliber. Even the weakest student in a class shouldn’t be ashamed to ask a question.
  • A jovial and fun-filled environment is always conducive to impart education in its best form. Activities, such as group discussions and story sessions enhance camaraderie among students which further leads to equality.
  • Listening to troubles of students earns a teacher their respect. Further, a periodic discourse with students enhances their public speaking skills, increases trust between students and teachers, and gives the educators an idea about the current mindset of students.
  • Giving a break in between while teaching tough principles of Physics and Mathematics is always welcome among students. It helps them to gear up a tougher session that lies ahead of them.
  • When a teacher becomes an example himself or herself, it helps a student to idolize someone and hence sets a milestone for their ideals. Their deeds then take shape accordingly.
  • Encouraging children to ask questions at primary level gives wings to their curiosity. As a result, they become inquisitive and observant.
  • Appreciating and acknowledging even the smallest of efforts by students encourages them and makes them feel significant. It also invites more such initiatives by other students.
  • Being approachable for students is the best way to forge unforgettable bonds with them. Students feel at ease with teachers through this practice and it also cultivates a culture of being empathetic towards each other.

Irrefutably, the best practices among educators across the country are providing students a safe and secure ecosystem for the proliferation of innovative ideas, asking for questions and suggestions from students, treating them as equal, being approachable for students, and appreciating even smallest efforts of students.


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