Home Economics – The need of the hour


Dr. Vinay Jain
Managing Trustee, Witty Group of Institutions

Grade 10 exams are over! The first step towards embarking on the career path. Students are getting ready to spread their wings and fly abroad in pursuit of higher education. Parents get busy identifying the best tuitions, the best classes that would get their child the best percentage that would get them admission in a top notch Institution. At times this might mean moving out of home.

But are they prepared for the real world? Other than equipping them academically, have we as parents equipped them with life skills? It is common for parents to be worried about their children who have never had the requirement of doing any type of household work. The worry is multifold, what might seem trivial to some but a real cause of worry to these parents of entitled children. Some say how will my child survive? He doesn’t even know how to cook, iron or fold his clothes or even make his bed. I never taught him since it’s not his job to be in the kitchen. The parent has always paid the child’s phone and internet bills. Children are not equipped with basic banking skills too.

“A school is not only about academics, but it’s the journey that shapes the child”. A renowned school in Mumbai has come up with a ‘Home Economics’ programme. This Home Economics programme which the world has come to realize and respect it as a ‘ survival kit’ which will add a new dimension to the child’s learning and get them truly equipped for the future. This programme will teach children many of the skills that can help them become a functioning adult and a thriving part of a community. The necessary skills to be taught will primarily include food and nutrition, cooking, washing, housekeeping, bed making, basic mechanics, home management, photography etc. This programme will be implemented compulsorily for all students with the support of the Parent Community and will be supervised and monitored by the Teaching Community. As the name suggests, Home Economics will be taught by parents under guidance from school.

Research shows that the younger generation now reaching adulthood lack basic life and survival skills. In the process of transitioning from childhood to adulthood, high school students need training in practices such as nutrition, financial responsibility and home management so as to live safe and productive lives. Also, it has been observed that home management skills are primarily imparted to girls only and not to boys. These life skills are gender neutral and should be taught to all children.


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