Mr. Sujeet Chhikara

The Story is about my first job as a teacher. It was a normal routine day. I was having the fourth period, the fourth period is the period just before the break. We were doing Magnetic Effect of Current, I entered into my XII class and before starting I just asked, so everyone has completed the homework.

Students gave mixed Responses.

Rahul completed? Yes sir.
Sumit, Yes sir.
Priyanka? Yes Sir.

I started teaching, It was a normal class. Like a normal teacher I had a conversation in between and inspired everyone to be honest in general. I also taught some physics topics, cyclotron, etc. All went well, class gets over. Break started.

I came out of the class, taken few steps and just realised someone was following me.

Sir, I want to tell you something.

Priyanka with tears in her eyes was behind.

Priyanka what happened, I asked.

Sir, I lied to you, I had not completed my homework. But I promise I will complete it. I always try to think how much difficult it would have been for a class XII child to come out and admit, what was that which compels a child to admit. Though it was a small thing really that day I realised as a teacher we really touch the heart of so many students and we can really change the world. We have the power to give a new dimension to the world. When we speak from the heart, Children listen from the heart.

(Changed the name of students for privacy, Dedicated to all my students who are my source of inspiration. Learning a lot from all the students ).


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