Mrs. Trupti Dharmadhikari


Mrs. Trupti Dharmadhikari
Ashoka Global Pre-School, Nasik

*Stars of my Darkness!!***

*Its said teachers believe in their students, then their students begin to believe in themselves”

We live in a world where we meet different people with different attitudes, few of them are captured by our memory because they inspire us with their acts which influence our thought process!!
For the last 17 years, I am in the teaching profession..and in all these years all my dear students have touched my soul,
Made me the Best, Valued me, respected me,..every morning the sweet Innocent smiles energized me…
Their touch, tight hugs comfort me and make every moment of my life more colorful, more beautiful!!!
No doubt how I stepped out of my house carrying a burden of responsibilities, stress, thoughts, that burden is released by these tiny tots and has the power to change all my negative thoughts into positive who drives me to the journey of decorating life through the different colors they carry on their little fingers called “LOVE”
Some are passionate about teaching so they become teachers but what made me a teacher was because of this true love, transparent hearts of my little ones..who encourage all my thoughts, who appreciate all I do for them, who shower all kinds of blessings and fulfill my need…
One book, one pen, one child and one teacher can change the world, but who has changed my world, taught me to find happiness in small things, fight and forgive, share the things, smile for no reason, to try the things until you succeed, faith, love each other are the reasons I love to be in a noble Profession of Teaching…
And nothing beyond this is a big honor to me!!!
Thank you to all my little ones who I thought this year and inspired me, made me Best !!!!
My students make me feel proud. People always say one person can’t make difference, but I have proof that these kids have made a difference!!!

#**Who is the Twinkling Stars of my Darkness**#

Truly blessed as A Teacher!!!


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