Ms. N. NagaNandini
Teacher – Primary, Marigold International School


Virtual learning until very recently was only seen as an alternative option, although we had the technology to support the requirement. History has stood testimony to the fact that innovation happens when the need arises and the recent pandemic has encouraged technology-based learning, and hence there has been wide adoption. This acceptance will further enhance technology-based learning.

A couple of years back it would have been very absurd to expect a child of 6-7 years to log into a system and hook on to the virtual learning for a few hours, but as we speak that’s the norm and an acceptable proposition. E-learning has been a boon for educators and the entire learning ecosystem, we are at a phase where we see our education system going through a complete overhaul with new opportunities and technology. This transformation is believed to be fruitful, enhancing/maintaining the quality of education along with breaking the geographical barriers for acquiring quality education and this will continue to be the new norm.

Earlier, when technology wasn’t a part of the learning ecosystem, paper, notebooks, markers, chalks and blackboards were supposed to be the only available education tools for offering or gaining education but with the rise of the Internet of things (IoT) technology, education has been more inclusive. Not only there is an acceptance to virtual learning, but we have seen that this form of learning education can be intuitive and made attractive to the learners. Content with a technological touch has been vastly accepted by the new-age learners. Through such learning platforms, educators could target a huge mass that are looking out for good and quality education without worrying about the demographic factor. Also, for working class who are looking to upgrade their skills, these learning platforms provide the comfort of learning from their desks.

With the heavy penetration of technology in the education industry, educators are looking out for ways to utilise technology efficiently, allowing it to benefit their brands in terms of enhancing the services. But while doing the same, many times, educators get carried away with technology to such an extent that they eventually don’t keep their focus on the quality of education. That’s the failure point that all need to be cautious about.

Our aim is to ensure that the right kind of balance is maintained when it’s about amalgamating education with technology. It’s all about providing education services with the help of the internet, without compromising on the quality of education.


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