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IDA Connect Workshops

Co-located at Didac India Exhibition & Conference, 1 - 3 December 2021 at Bangalore International Exhibition Center, Bengaluru

30+ live Interactive Workshops (powered by India Didactics Association) are held every year for 3 days co-located at Didac India exhibition.

IDA Connect Workshops are created keeping in mind various approaches to educational resources by end-users (teachers, trainers, faculty) to explore aspects in:

  • Understanding the implementation and impact of technological advancements
  • Curriculum changes
  • Inclusive environments
  • Sports integration,
  • Other breakthroughs, both internationally and nationally

The objective is to empower educators on various advancements in the education and training sector.

The Workshops are conducted by prominent companies which help the educators in:

  • Enhancing Teaching and Learning
  • Explore aspects in using and implementing of technological advancements
  • Hands-on exploration of topics
  • Faculty development and technology needs
  • Formulation and discussion on new initiatives

30+ power-packed sessions are conducted over 3 days. The workshops are attended by teachers, trainers, senior management, academicians and professors of education institutions from all across the country.
Participation in workshops make the visit more enriching and is also an opportunity to get certified for the workshops attended. Prior registrations are compulsory for the Workshops as there are limited seats available.

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