In a first, IIT Madras Offers M Tech Degree Through Remote Learning


You can now get an M Tech degree from Indian Institute of Technology (Madras) without being physically present on the campus and at your own pace.

In a first of its kind initiative, IIT Madras has taken its teaching process out of the confines of the campus. It has recruited 31 M Tech students who will not have anything to do within the physical boundaries of the campus but will complete their course from their workplace. The first programme is for the automobile sector and the institute is planning to expand it to communication, information security and aerospace.

User-oriented impact programmes, tailor-made for corporate employees, are in practice for some time now. Corporates sponsor fresh graduates as well as employees.

However, till now they are required spend a year in the campus. “The programme we are launching is M Tech in automotive technology for the industry employees who wish to upgrade their qualification and skills. A part of the curriculum is common to what we teach at IIT, Madras, and a part if it will be tailored to their specific needs,” said IIT-M Director Bhaskar Ramamurthy.

In this model, a coordinator and classroom would be set up at the industry location and teaching will be imparted by IIT-M faculty in the evenings. This doesn’t require employees to take leave or travel to other locations. “The students will not require to have any physical presence on the campus till the completion of the course. The delivery mode is live online where the students after their work hours will attend classes to be delivered by our faculty,” said Ramamurthy.
(Credit – Times of India)


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  1. I highly appreciate and welcome the newly launched learning facility by IIT Madras. The learning facilities and method developed by IIt will be definitely useful for the learners. I congratulate IIT and am confident that, this initiative will spread across all IITs and Autonomous institute.