Changing Dimensions of School Management System


By Franciscan Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Technology has reformed each sector to a great extent and currently, it is in its promising phase of altering academia. With tremendous appreciation from all the education stakeholders, such as management, teachers, parents and students, digitalization is now marking its worthy existence in the education sector as well.

Earlier School ERP was only meant to automate the operational and academic tasks of a school but now it has advanced to other important aspects as well such as communication and security management. The increasing victimization and criminal incidents in schools and outside of schools demands a much comprehensive concept of the school management system.

Implementation of a gilt-edged school management system leads the educational institutions to utilize their resources rightfully so as to take apt decisions. A consummated ERP indeed fulfills its prime objective, which is to automate all the functions. An integrated suite of software centralizes the information and makes it available to the users as per their roles and requirements. It connects all the operations such as Admission, Fee Submission, Payroll, Accounts Management, Library Management, Inventory, Infirmary, etc. and enables the needed information at their disposal.

Once you have a centralized information system, communication steps in. It is strongly recommended for every educational organization to have an effortless and centralized communication management system for providing fast correspondence so as to aid in the decision-making process by offering easy access to relevant information by automatic filtering of the information to the concerned receivers. A well-run communication system keeps the school functions more efficient and helps the education institution to keep up with or gain an advantage over competitors as well.

The safety of students has become a growing concern in our schools due to recent heinous acts in our society including child rape, murder, molestation, kidnapping and other issues. To help combat violence and hostility on campus, schools must have active and up-to-date electronic security solutions like SOS Calling, Online Tracking, 24*7 Connectivity, and a robust Visitor Management System. These revolutionary security systems enable the schools to mitigate child endangerment which as a result paves the way to a safer and healthier learning environment and safeguard their reputation.

In the coming decades, if information technology has its approach, education will be far changed, more immersive and hopefully more constructive to the people than it is today.


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