Ms. Cherry Goyal


Ms. Cherry Goyal

Seneca has said, “As long as you live, keep learning how to live.” And this has really been the case with me. As an individual, I think I have grown a lot both personally and professionally. Though born in an affluent family where education has always been a top priority, the father being a doctor and the mother a post-graduate housewife, education was always promoted. Therefore I and both my younger brothers attended the topmost schools in Jaipur. But destiny had something different stored for me and I was only 19 years when I got married. I was still in the II year of my graduation. Just before my marriage I had completed my diploma in Interior Designing, but could only work as one for a short span of time. Things changed drastically after my marriage and for the next few years, I persevered between my education and domestic responsibilities and completed my UG and PG as a non-collegiate candidate but not with a very good score as I delivered a baby in the middle of my PG years. The year 2003 brought a lot of strenuous work for me as I was looking after my 2-year-old daughter and was preparing for my Pre B.Ed., in which I secured a merit seat and completed my B. Ed. As a regular candidate managing both home and college and secured an 84%. After B.Ed. I started preparing for the S.L.E.T. and N.E.T. which are for college teaching, I could get through S.L.E.T. Immediately after this I joined MGD Girls’ School as a TGT English in 2005. Since then I have been continuously striving towards educational excellence by participating in workshops, seminars in my city and outside. I have also had the privilege of attending the Trainer Training Programme by RELO (American Embassy) which was a 6 weeks course at EFLU Hyderabad, and only 25 participants from South East Asia were selected and I was one of them. Apart from this, I have also completed my MBA HR without in any way compromising my work as a teacher.

I also got selected and sponsored by ELTAI for Hornby School’s Training by British Council and they (BC) also short-listed me for a further course which is Master Trainer Programme. I have also been trained by CBSE as ASL ET and MT, which are conducted in collaboration with Trinity College, London. Off late I also attended a week-long capacity-building programme for School Leaders at ILD Jaipur. Besides I have also pursued and successfully completed many online language development programmes from the university of Oregon and Tesol Arabia, which have helped me improve m teaching manifold. I have also been actively accomplishing other responsibilities in my school like-

• Preparing for debates, declamations, etc
• Escorting teams for competitions and excursions
• Also being a part of an exchange programme to Malaysia and Singapore where we attended 3 local schools
• Organizing and coordinating events like British Council’s Road Show and Workshop for ASL ET’s single-handedly.
• Enhancing students’ leadership skills and personality through empowerment.

I am very level-headed and do not lose sight of my goals. I work well as a member of a team and also as a leader. I have been entrusted with responsibilities such as compering and preparing students for announcements at important school functions, coordinating the hosting of the British Council’s Road Show (a series of workshops for the English Language Teachers Association of India Rajasthan chapter), and leading a group of students on an exchange with three schools in Singapore. Each time I have exceeded everyone’s expectations.

Thinking about all this I feel in the last 15 years I have really come a long way and my ability to perform under stress, sincerity, etc are my strengths. I’d always admired R Frost’s lines-
The Woods are lovely, dark and deep;

But I have promises to keep; And miles to go before I sleep.


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