A school is meant to


By Bandan Preet Mahajan
Founder, Genius Edutorial

The dictionary meaning of the word ‘school’ is an institute where instruction is given in a particular discipline. To me, it sounds too narrow since the word instruction tends to limit the boundaries of a school to mere knowledge imparting and acquisition. Not that it is not necessary , but surely it is not a sufficient condition for an ideal school. A school is a miniature society in itself. After mother and then family, it forms the next best ground of socialisation for small kids to metamorphose into holistically developed individuals who can contribute productively towards society. To achieve this end, a school is meant to:

  • Render instruction for knowledge acquisition that forms the basis of all education.
  • Impact the cognitive, affective and behavioural domains of a child in a positive way.
  • Render a child with useful experiences (experiential learning) for fruitful and lifelong learning.
  • Ensure a curriculum that causes eustress (that keeps one motivated) and not distress( a burden).
  • Provide a child friendly ambience that is conducive to learning.
  • Follow Reform rather than React as a measure when a child commits a mistake.
  • Unleash the innate potential of each and every child while catering to individual differences.
  • Provide room for brainstorming and a platform for open discussion on all contemporary and relevant issues.
  • Create a road of self –discovery for each child and ensure that it is constantly under construction and renovation.
  • Create self- awareness of self worth in each child to enhance his/her self esteem.
  • Allow children to solve problems by themselves using out of the box techniques.
  • Develop the ability in a child to not get bogged down by adverse circumstances but rather develop the ability to create opportunities.
  • Render students with value education wherein they develop leadership skills, moral values and ethics.
  • Provide a platform to develop good communication skills (both verbal and non- verbal) as it is the need of the hour.
  • Foster perseverance, effort, initiative, optimism, discipline, patience, punctuality, regularity which obviously cannot be taught through books.
  • Teach a child to accept failure as a stepping stone towards success and face each challenge courageously as a blessing in disguise.
  • Guide students to prioritize their health for in a healthy body, resides a healthy mind.
  • Make the kids realise that you earn some and you learn some(in terms of right and wrong decisions made) 
  • Help students understand and learn to plan and execute it effectively for failing to plan is planning to fail.
  • Devise scope for students to apply what they have learnt to develop higher order thinking skills.
  • Armour the students with the ability to select, modify and even change the environment as per their legitimate needs rather than resorting to excuses and escapism.
  • Make the students understand that as they think , so they become.
  • Develop a sense of gratitude for everything and everyone. 
  • Prepare students for the real world through provision of requisite skills.
  • Enhance capabilities, nurture potentialities and transform lives hence attaining the true essence of education.


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