Mr. Dharmendra Rai

I became a teacher because as a child I love learning & feel that if I was taught things that had these 2 characteristics I would have learnt better & faster & would have been immensely richer mentally & financially

– Simplicity &
– application orientation

Eg: If something was ‘not simple I would not understand it. If chapter 2 was dependent on chapter 1 & 3 on 2 & so on I would soon not understand anything at all & totally switch off! I became a Mensa member & got zero in maths both in the same year! If we were told about how being good at maths would help us in financial decision making I would have been a billion times more interested in maths – though maths was one of my favourite subjects

So that s why I became a teacher To offer students critical things that I feel were denied to me. Most of my teachers were wonderful, hard-working people. I could not articulate my needs & hence wasn’t able to use their expertise as much

I train in mind mapping & behavioural economics

I have trained IIT, IIM, Harvard Business School, Wharton Business School, Johns Hopkins, Oxford, London School of Economics ( LSE ) & CFA Institute Alumni


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