Mrs. Tamanna Sharma

A dream comes true when you see it with open eyes. One such dream was to become an ideal and an inquisitive teacher who was fulfilled after becoming a member of SH.P.S.M PUBLIC SCHOOL, Dehlan Distt. Una(H.P). Though the life of a teacher always consists of learning and learning something new, the self – creation of a teacher who creates an ideal society is essential. In our school, the focus is not merely on making children literate but also educated because “the greatest difference among literate and educated is that the literate are only book – learning, but the educated person knows every subject good, bad, right, wrong, good deeds, bad deeds.” Children are not only kitched education but are given practical education.

A teacher or teacher who shares the acquired knowledge of his or her entire life among his or her students elicits them. But in the corona period, the conduct of the parents to the teachers has been very painful. A teacher who is a form of a parent.

The same teacher, as the glorious proclamation, is seeking his own identity in the face of The Times.

My tenure as a teacher has had a very positive result. I am happy that I am a member of the school where every child has been given tova.

I would like to thank my school and Director sir, Mr. Harshwarddhan Singh, Mrs. Vandna Singh, to whom we are joining a new stage.


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