How to improve Interactive Learning Experience in Digital Education Era?


By Mr. Prashanth Peethambaran
Chief Technical Officer – Senses Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

The way technology has transformed every aspect of our lives is no less than a revolution taking place gradually. Similarly, the digital era has revolutionized education systems and processes across the world presenting us with immense opportunities and equally challenging situations to deal with.

As the shift from traditional learning systems to online learning spaces is happening, it is increasingly becoming a challenge for educators to keep their students engaged in the learning process as effectively as possible. Hence, there is a dire need to make the education and learning process interactive to enhance the quality of education and effective learning methodologies.
But how can we achieve this as we witness the continuously evolving technologies?

No worries. If you are an educator, a parent, a guardian or just someone who wonders how we can make the learning experience more interactive in this digital education era, we have some helpful suggestions lined up here for you!

Here are 4 methods that can be adopted to make the learning process more interactive and effective than ever!

Integrating Virtual Reality

Transforming any aspect of our world without integrating virtual reality and its application would not get the desired results. It can be included in digital learning by providing relevant content to the students, facilitating field trips to places that are physically inaccessible or far away and creating interactive assessments for the students to implement the lessons they have learned in the class.

While implementing infrastructure can be a tricky thing to do initially, it can drastically improve the interactive quality of the digital learning process once applied successfully.

Practical Approach

The learning efficiency of a student depends on various factors and resources that are important to get the desired results. This simply means that the learning process can be made better if we adopt a more practical approach towards improving the performance that is aimed at increasing participation of students in educational activities, which would give them exposure to how the concepts they learn in their class are applied in the real world.

Doing so will not just make the whole educational process more interactive for teachers and students but also give them an insight into how the implementation of theoretical concepts is different from how they sound in books. What we need to take care of is that this approach should be directed to every aspect of digital learning. Implementing this can be a challenging task for the teachers and students.

Embracing Open Communication

Open communication is the basis for any interactive process, and education is no exception here. To make any process more interactive for the parties involved in it, it is important to facilitate open and clear communication that enables everyone to be a part of the learning process and share their ideas, thoughts for any concern freely.

What we get from doing this is an increase in the engagement of students as they will be able to discuss their doubts, any ideas they may have, or anything they would like to communicate to their teachers.

Interactive Panels for Teaching

Intelligent interactive panels for teaching and learning are the next-generation solution to make the learning process more involving and interactive for teachers and students. These interactive displays come with several features that can significantly improve the educational experience for students and teachers. It provides the facilities with flexibility, reusability and a large variety of tools that make the learning process fun.

These interactive panels are perfect for replacing traditional blackboard teaching in schools as the teachers can openly enjoy the ease of writing, drawing, and explaining on the screen panel the features also include the following –

  • Voice recognition for more than 200 commands and converting them into text.
  • Cloud-based teaching that enables the students and teachers to save, download, and share the classroom sessions anywhere, anytime through a common URL
  • Multi-finger gesture controls to draw, select, drag, rotate and erase through multi-point gesture controls for better flexibility

In a bid to make this revolutionary change, Senses provides the most affordable collaborative and interactive panels that are loaded with all the amazing features to deliver a world-class educational experience. With Senses IIP, the traditional classrooms can be turned into well-developed and intelligent classrooms, no matter how big or small your educational institute is.

Our world is constantly witnessing technological revolutions which need us to take active steps in the right direction to adapt to these changes. Everything from the course structure to designing learning methods for the students’ needs to be made in a way that suits today’s requirements rather than following the same traditional approach.

To keep this legacy of interactive learning going, we at Senses bring in the most progressive and revolutionary methods of learning and teaching that break the conventional classroom norms and make education smartly accessible!


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