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By: Dr. Rudrayya Hiremath, Founder Principal & Chairman, Indian Public School,  Karnataka, Member-IDA

Dr. Rudrayya Hiremath Founder Principal & Chairman, Indian Public School, Karnataka, Member-IDA

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”- Nelson Mandela;

Quality in education can be achieved only through good teachers and retaining them in the education sector.  

Teacher is a person who helps children to acquire knowledge, competence and guide them to choose the best career. Teachers play  a major role in everyone’s life. They mold the students into good citizens of the nation. You may ask any famous personalities in the world, they have been inspired by one or the other teachers.

Best Practices to retain good faculties :

  1. Respect: Teaching is a noble profession. Teacher is the only person who enjoys the growth of their students. Hence teachers should be respected by each and every one.
  2. Satisfaction: Teachers in Government and Aided institutions are getting good salary and other perks. Teachers in private schools and colleges should be given handsome salary along with social security benefits like PF, ESI, Gratuity etc.
  3. Enrichment & Entertainment: Teachers should be given an opportunity to grow with the institution. They should be guided and given the chance to learn from others. They should also be allowed to attend important Seminars & Conferences on Education, Personality Development, Financial Management and Socialism.
  4. Rewards & Recognition: Everyone in teaching should be given an opportunity to explore their talent. They should be recognized and rewarded with token of love and appreciation for their hard work and initiatives in taking up the new roles.
  5. Healthy Environment: Appreciate them in the Crowd with claps and correct them in the Cabin. Be part of the family during any emergencies. Announce Teacher of the Month/Teacher of the Year based on the students report and offer a cup of coffee in the Management/Principals chamber in order to encourage and cherish them.
    • Happy Faculties from Happy Management
    • Happy Students from Happy Faculties
    • Happy Parents from Happy Students
    • Happy Society/Nation from Happy Parents/Families.


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