Empowering Millennial Leaders- Gen Next


By Dr. Dolly Jaitly 
Speaker & Education Management Consultant 


“Leaders don’t create followers, they create more Leaders” – Tom Peters

Life is nothing but the sum total of learning experiences form cradle to the grave. One who does not grow with times is often left behind in this monumental journey of dynamic existence.

School education has traditionally been the hub of our communities, not only for the wisdom & knowledge that they create for our present & future but also for the connections that they create amongst a community. As an educational leader, it is most important to bring a community together to share leadership in many different avenues. Through this value on developing leadership, our schools are more open not only to navigate but to lead change as well. Those that are willing to adapt & learn from change now, will be the ones that are most likely to be successful in future.

Amidst this era of changing scenarios, we should focus on developing the next generation of entrepreneurs in schools itself. This is often created by instilling a sense of ‘intrapreneurial spirit’ within educators that are always looking to develop & further the education as the vehicle of change. While we look & build on what has worked in the past, we must also continuously look forward and review the gap between the curriculum and the requirements of the community. As an educationist, I strongly recommend a holistic approach to empower & enrich our next generation to meet the challenges of life with enhanced & relevant life skill education.

It is important for a leader to have an attitude of servitude as well. This does not mean that you allow people to step all over you or deviate you from your purpose of delivering meaningful education. It is also crucial for you to be prepared to make tough decisions that go against the grain. There are going to be times when it is necessary to make upstream decisions for the larger interest of the society. You have a responsibility to make choices based upon what is best for your students.

However, educational ethos should not be constricted by physical parameters as it is an ongoing process through formal & informal means.

As an educational thought leader, I believe to create abundant opportunities for future leaders as well as empower youngsters by staying abreast with the digital world. It should always be our endeavor to enrich our next generation to meet the challenges of life so that they may grow into global citizens.


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