Mrs. Harpreet Kaur
Rose Buds Public School, Amritsar

If I look about 17 years back, my work related to the words like motivation, innovation and social upliftment started taking shape I feel blessed that circumstances of those years landed me in such a noble profession of teaching and provided me an opportunity to start from the scratch. I started stepping out and learnt with my own efforts and struggled to understand the things through my own perspective.

My organization was started by a great visionary Colonel Satpal Singh Ji on a moderate scale but after his untimely demise after two years, the mantle of running the organization fell on my shoulders but there was an element of motivation in that. The undying spirit of my late father-in-law of providing quality education in this socio-economically backward area provided an opportunity to me to excel myself as an education provider.

We never compromised in our endeavor to light up a glow of education in society within limited resources. In a span of seventeen years, we are able to provide students with a vision of 21st century and talk about education 4.0. I am pleased to share that through my varied experience with students from Kinder Garten to senior secondary level, keeping in view the social and economic needs of our society, a 4C curriculum which is an integration of academic of education and co-curricular activities was created. 4C comprises content, character, competitiveness and culture.

Now we have tied up with XSEED, NIIT, TATA CLASS EDGE and Grolier International organisaztions to match fully with the mission of 4C in totality. I also owe my special Thanks to INDIA DIDAC for keeping me updated with education scenario.

We also succeeded to win the faith of economically backward parents who were motivated by us to provide quality education for their wards. We also motivated the staff and are thankful for their tremendous efforts. Here I take this opportunity to thank my family and friends who have always stood through thick and thin of my life and for the organization.


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