Mrs. Nihali Jain

What is education without sharing and implementation? I , Nihali A Jain from jodhpur, Rajasthan, realised this when 15 yrs back I started “Early Riders club” in school. This was a stepping stone to all parents,educators and all KIDS. Here i started teaching and mentoring people of all walks of life with “out of the box syllabus” for READING and Writing with the help of synthetic phonics approach. Children enjoyed my sessions. I started getting children of under privileged background in my coursework. Today i have more than 850 children who belong to the high society as well as under privileged background in a mixed classroom learning together with joy. Their parents too joined me slowly in volunteering me in my work. We have made many games as aid to teaching phonics. Slowly my neighbouring schools started adapting our philosophy as joined us in this mission of EACH ONE TEACH ONE. Today, I am a proud President of this mission, alone in my city with a group of 2000 teachers and parents participating in my mission. 

Very rightly said “Education is just taking one idea and focusing on that idea whole heartedly by involving a team of educators, parents and kids, to accomplish the purpose of life”. This is my mantra of change for the society.


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