By Ms. Kaveri Chandrashekhara
Principal – Marigold International School

“Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is most important.”

– Bill Gates

The Right to Education is one of the main fundamental rights of our country. Over the years the education sector has seen substantial improvement in the learning process and officially an increase in the literacy rates. Lot is spoken and written about the education system on how to make it more progressive, more student-centric, make the teaching and learning process informative and interesting for the students. The world is adapting itself to new innovative ideas and improvising on the same.

Whatever the circumstances, the teaching and learning process should be always on the move with more innovative methodologies for betterment of educational standards.

The best example of one of the innovative methods being visible in recent times is the advent of digital platforms. we see the education is being imparted by educators through virtual classrooms online.

Children have now become tech-savvy and are comfortable with gadgets at their disposal. The trend now is that they try to get the answer to their queries through search engines like “Google”. With such a scenario during present times, getting technology to work on the betterment of education is one of the right moves.

It has been seen that students tend to learn the concepts faster by practical hands-on experimenting or the visual learning process. Augmented reality is the buzz of the modern tech world. It has duly experimented with success in gaming solutions. This augmented reality does not replace traditional learning process but catalyzes it by providing an alternative visual learning opportunity. Reading the theory, the students can see the same with their own eyes, in action.

One more tool is the Artificial Intelligence (AI) which enables computers to perform important tasks such as problem solving, perception, decision making, to name a few. This tool can facilitate the educators in understanding the needs of every student and come up with requisite lesson plan for every student.

In the generation we are in, we have started relying on information and communication technologies which allow us to follow prototypes tailored for new generation of learners. And here the cloud computing services can be efficiently put to use for collaboration between all participants in the learning process and also amongst the teaching fraternity.

One school of thought have inhibitions regarding technology in education stating it to be expensive. Further, they also fear that too much of technology will lead to dependence and not culminate to proper learning.

Taking everything into consideration, there is no doubt that the technology in correct measures blended with the traditional learning will empower the education system.


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