Ms. Babita Singh,
Section In-Charge, Primary Wing – Bridgeford School


“Teachers need to integrate technology seamlessly into the curriculum instead of viewing it as an add-on, an afterthought or an event.” It was said by one of the most recognised education leaders and inventor of Curriculum Mapping, Dr.Heidi Hayes Jacobs.

This ongoing pandemic, which on one hand has proven to be a severe disruption to the education system, while on the other hand it has also
significantly transformed the paradigm of the teaching-learning process. Education, which is the most revered and productive human activity is now digitalised and emerged with a blend of direct instructions and constructivism learning. But it’s only the beginning, a great future is still to be revealed.

Digital learning has increased the attention and engagement of the students and developed a better interaction between the teachers and the students. Usage of digital boards and multimedia content has breathed fresh life into the classroom learning.

A great challenge for us as educators is to find ways to change the education system so that the students as well as we can take advantage of this rapidly moving digital platform. We can’t deny the fact that digitalised education is advantageous for the students if it’s used in controlled manner under the guidance of parents and teachers. We as educators always strive to provide a framework for successful learning and ensure that students can thrive in a world where change is constant and learning never stops.


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